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Building a wall
City to add recreation options
Friends of the Greenway has obtained grant money to purchase a climbing boulder as well as eight other pieces of playground equipment for children. City officials have approved placement. Consideration is being given to Pepper Branch Park, the Barren Fork Greenway, and Rocket Park as locations.

Friends of the Greenway is showing its support of local children.
The organization has obtained another grant from The Steven and Kate Smith Community Trust, this one to purchase a climbing boulder, three large pieces of playground equipment, and five smaller pieces of exercise equipment.
According to Friends of the Greenway president Trevor Galligan in a presentation to the city Parks and Recreation Committee, the group first applied to the trust for funding to purchase just the boulder.
 “What we were looking at was putting in an artificial climbing boulder for kids and that would take up most of the $15,000 grant,” said Galligan. “They rejected our proposal initially.”
The proposal was resubmitted to First National Bank, which oversees the trust and distributes grants once a year to eligible nonprofit organizations.
“We included alternatives with one to purchase some of the same type of exercise equipment that was placed along the walking trail behind the Civic Center but more focused toward children,” said Galligan. “We would string the pieces along the greenway for children to use as their parents are walking. Right now, there’s nothing.”
The end result was approval for everything requested.
“We ended up submitting three proposals and they ended up approving everything, basically,” said Galligan. “We would like to thank The Steven and Kate Smith Community Trust at First National Bank and express our gratitude for the difference they make for children in Warren County and McMin-nville. We went ahead and purchased a large climbing boulder that has a slide through the middle of it. It’s designed to look like natural stone. We have not ordered any other equipment.”
Under consideration is placing the climbing boulder at Pepper Branch Park, the five exercise equip-ment pieces along Barren Fork Greenway and the three large pieces of playground equipment at Rocket Park to replace some older ones that are currently located there.
The city Parks and Recreation Committee members approved the equipment being placed on city property and for Parks and Recreation director Scott McCord to work with Friends of the Greenway on where the pieces would be placed.