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Brock sentenced for guns, drugs
BROCK mug.jpg

A local man who was caught with two handguns and marijuana while driving under the influence in November 2018, and then wrecked his vehicle and fled the scene in June 2019, appeared in court Tuesday in front of a special judge. 

He was sentenced to serve seven days at Warren County Jail. 

According to the arrest warrant, on Nov. 11, 2018, officer Chris Odom, was on patrol in the area of West Main Street and observed a silver-colored Ford truck driven by John Barrett Brock, 34, leave its lane of travel. The vehicle at one point was traveling in the median. Odom followed the vehicle and initiated a traffic stop at the intersection of Winding Way and Warren Street. 

The report states while Odom was speaking to Brock, he observed Brock having glossy and bloodshot eyes, along with slurred speech. Odom asked Brock to perform a field sobriety test which he consented to but performed inadequately. Odom determined Brock was too impaired to operate a motor vehicle safely and placed him in custody. Odom retrieved a handgun off Brock’s person. Another handgun was found in the passenger seat. 

The warrant claims Odom advised Brock if there were any illegal substances on his person to tell him. Brock stated he didn’t have anything illegal on him. Odom then transported Brock to jail and gave him another opportunity to provide any illegal items, but Brock stated he had none. The jail staff stripped-searched Brock and found a pill bottle on his person which contained a green, leafy substance.

According to a second arrest warrant, on June 29, 2019, deputy Brent Steward was dispatched to Lawson Mill Road in reference to a wreck. Upon Steward’s arrival, he observed a Polaris Ranger turned over on its right side in the roadway. The driver was not at the scene.

The second police report states when Steward reported to work that same evening, he had a message to call John Barrett Brock in reference to the wrecked Polaris Ranger. When Steward contacted him, Brock said he had been driving the vehicle at the time of the wreck and did leave the scene. Brock told Steward he was in bed with injuries resulting from the wreck. 

Steward told Brock he needed to come see him by 6 a.m. on July 1. After Brock didn’t show up, the deputy did seek warrants for Brock’s arrest.

During Brock’s hearing Tuesday morning, he appeared in front of Special Judge Bratten Cook of DeKalb County, instead of Judge Bill Locke, who recused himself.

Four of Brock’s charges were dismissed. Brock pled guilty to simple possession of marijuana, resulting in two days in jail, and driving under the influence, which carried a five-day jail sentence. The sentences run consecutively, meaning Brock will be incarcerated for seven days.

Brock must also forfeit the weapon, turn in his driver’s license, pay fines and costs, undergo an alcohol and drug assessment, complete alcohol safety classes, perform 24 hours of public service work and spend two years on probation.