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Bridge St. culvert on repair list
What lies below a culvert on Bridge Street has been uncovered. Its condition has created concern for safety and caught the attention of the city of McMinnville.

McMinnville Public Works Department has the deteriorating old box culvert on Bridge Street on its repair list.
“We were made aware of the situation earlier in the week,” said McMinnville Public Works assistant director Brad Hennessee. “Our guys went down to take a look at it. They took pictures. It does look bad, but we don’t feel there’s any immediate danger.”
Box culverts are rectangular concrete structures used in managing and/or storing storm water. When this one was placed is unknown.
Traffic will not be detoured, just yet.
“We feel there’s enough pavement, concrete and structure around it to hold it together. We will get it repaired as soon as possible. First we have to determine if it’s poured in place or precast. It appears, by the pictures, to be poured in place. If it’s poured in place and we have to rebuild it, it will take longer. Hopefully, we can replace it with precast. That would be quicker. It will be evaluated next week and a course of action determined then.”
The box culvert is located in the area of the city limits sign.