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Brady blocks in wife and flees from police
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A Westwood resident who was arrested three times in two weeks will have a more difficult time getting out of jail before his court date as his bond has been set at $300,000.

Logan Parker Brady, 38, faces a number of charges, including possession of 12.5 grams of a substance believed to be meth with intent to resell.
Brady was charged with domestic assault April 6 after an argument with his wife.

According to the arrest warrant, Mr. Brady used his vehicle to block in his wife so she couldn’t leave, then grabbed her by the arm to keep her from leaving.

After being arrested, Brady made $1,000 bond but it was under the condition he not have contact with his wife.

He is charged with violating that condition April 17 when he reportedly wrecked his motorcycle at their home on Indian Mound Drive and tried to flee from officers on foot but was captured.

According to the arrest warrant, “A black bag was located near the wrecked motorcycle. Mr. Brady stated the black bag belonged to him. Also found near the motorcycle was a loaded 9mm magazine. A 9mm handgun was found in the garage where Mr. Brady stated he was prior to officers arriving on scene.”

A search of the black bag at Warren County Jail produced two plastic baggies containing a substance believed to be meth.

Upon a search of his person, $1,830 was found in Brady’s wallet, the report says.

After making $75,000 bond on those charges, Brady was spotted by officers at the home on Indian Mound two days later, another violation of his bond conditions. Brady fled the scene, but two officers positively identified him.

He was arrested Friday, April 20, and remained held at Warren County Jail under $300,000 bond as of Tuesday morning.

Brady faces three counts of violating bail conditions, two counts of evading arrest, one count of domestic assault, and one count of resale of meth, according to arrest warrants.