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Boyd found with money, guns, drugs
James Edward Boyd is charged with possession of marijuana for resale and other charges.

A Rock Island man has been hit with drugs and weapons charges after he was pulled over in front of WCMS for driving with an expired tag.
The man, James Edward Boyd, 44, is charged with possession of marijuana for resale, possession of meth, possession of oxycodone and possession of firearms by a convicted felon.
He was pulled over by sheriff’s investigator Aaron Roberts in the parking lot of Warren County Middle School. During the stop, the lawman noticed a rifle in the car and began questioning him.
The officer learned Boyd is a convicted felon and therefore is banned from possessing a weapon. He also learned Boyd has a history of drug dealing that goes back to 1991 when he was busted in the first of what would be three felony convictions on narcotics charges. He had also been convicted of child abuse in 2002.
The officer asked Boyd to step out of the vehicle. That was when Boyd admitted there were other guns inside his Nissan Altima.
“Two pistols were found in a black case, both loaded,” Roberts said, noting that was not all he found during the search. “Also found in the vehicle was approximately three ounces that field tested positive for methamphetamine and a half ounce of marijuana.”
Lawmen suspect Boyd had returned to drug dealing given the amount of money they found in his car.
“A nylon bag was located in the driver’s door and contained $8,000 cash,” the investigator noted. “He also had another $1,533 in cash in his wallet.”
Authorities are expected to ask the court that the cash, guns and vehicle be forfeited.