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Boyd bids farewell to seniors
Boyd Hats thrown.jpg
Chris Simones photo Boyd Christian School Class of 2020 graduates toss their caps in celebration at the end of their graduation Thursday night.

By Chris Simones

Boyd Christian School offered its graduating seniors an eloquent sendoff Thursday night at Central Church of Christ. 

Principal Donna Newby commended Class of 2020 members for their resilience and determination in responding to the challenges the COVID-19 pandemic has presented their class.

“I know we’re all tired of hearing about the coronavirus and this pandemic,” said Newby. “All of us have lost experiences and missed out on memories we can never get back, but we are all here tonight, and, Lord willing, there will be a tomorrow and opportunities for new experiences and new memories.”

Salutatorian Kaylee Hash spoke of her fondest memories of her Boyd education over the years and praised the faculty for always coming to the aid of students whenever they were struggling. 

“The fact that children feel safe in a school is a great thing to be proud of. I see this point every day. When a child is sick or upset you always see one of the teachers with the child providing them comfort. Our teachers are truly gems in this world,” Kaylee said.

Valedictorian Jamison Brock told the crowd of the excellence of the faculty and fellow students he enjoyed during his time at Boyd.

Faculty member Chris Perry served as commencement speaker and gave a spirited speech to a very attentive audience.

“When they asked me to be the commencement speaker, I think they really did so because I was probably the only person they knew for certain would show up,” joked Perry referring to the cloud of uncertainty the pandemic had cast over graduation proceedings. “I really didn’t know when we started planning the ceremony if I’d be speaking into a camera and everyone would watch on livestream.”

Perry read the poem “The Road Not Taken” by Robert Frost to emphasize to graduates the importance of the decisions they’ll be making in the next decade, and, that as the decisions get bigger, so do the consequences. “These decisions can’t be undone like many decisions you’ve made previously in your lives,” Perry cautioned.

The following awards were

presented Thursday night:

• Venturing Summit Award: Hannah Bailey

• John W. High Awards: Jamison Brock and Ashley Vandagriff

• Mrs. Akers’ Applied Mathematical Concepts Award: Dallas Greene

• Mrs. Akers’ Pre-Calculus Award: Kaylee Hash

• Mr. Darby’s Anatomy & Physiology Award: Joel Smith

• Mr. Lane’s 2nd Period Bible Award: Zoe Witty

• Mr. Lane’s 3rd Period Bible Award: Jamison Brock

• Mr. Milligan’s Computer Award: Drake Stubblefield

• Mr. Milligan’s Government Award: Kapri Talley

• Mrs. Brock’s Economics Award: Skyler Ware

• Mr. Perry’s English Award: Ashley Vandagriff

• Mrs. Reed’s Psychology Award: Dana Jones

The following scholarships were awarded Thursday night:

• Kathy Grimes Memorial Scholarship, $750: Kapri Talley

• Viola Community Scholarship, $250: Ashley Vandagriff

• Dr Pepper Scholarship, $500: Kaylee Hash

• Jackson Dunlap Memorial Scholarship, $1,000: Ashley Vandagriff

• Rex Spry Memorial Scholarship, $1,000: Jackson Simmons

• Hannah Disbro-Posthumous Scholarship, $1,000: Kaylee Hash

Also graduating were Kaytlynn Renia Derriso, Jordan Lynn Hoover, Alden Lane Lawrence, Alexia Summer Loader, Jalyn Northard Mart, Thomas Christopher Miller, McKenna Grace Powell, Brayden McCade Scott, Bryson Daniel Stiles and Alexis Grace Turner.