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Book Bingo coming to Magness Library

Book Bingo will be played at Magness Library in December. 

Lovers of Bingo, books and those looking to get the best bang for their buck should also remember January’s book sale.

“This is our version of Bingo,” said Merissa Chapman, assistant director of Magness Library.

Patrons can pick up a Book Bingo sheet. On each sheet will be five horizontal lines and six vertical lines listing “Mystery Book,” “Book Published in 2021,” “Read a Young Adult Novel,” “Book That is in a Series,” “Dystopian Book,” “Fairytale Retelling,” “Fantasy Book,” "Book over 300 Pages,” “Book under 300 pages,” “Historical Book,” and “Listen to any Audiobook."

There are four ways to win. Read a book that matches the square and complete five horizontal lines, five vertical lines, two diagonal lines or four corners.

Readers can get Bingo up to four times on a single sheet. 


• Each book can only be on the board once.

• Write the title of the book in the allotted space.

• Please use a 5-Star system to let library officials know how much you liked the book. This helps staff buy more books that interest you.

• Please be sure to turn this page back in for staff to see your ratings.

Each Bingo gets five Bingo Bucks that can be used in January. 

“Patrons can get their bucks as they go or wait until all four Bingos are filled,” said Chapman. “It is also every book they finish in December. When it’s time to cash in at the book sale they just give their bucks to the employee working. We have so many books in our book sale that there is something for everyone, but don’t forget to use your Bingo bucks.” 

Magness Library’s book sale is Jan. 10-28.