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Bonner FCE 12-7
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Bonner FCE club met on Dec. 4 following the County Council’s Santa’s Workshop.  President Teresa Priestley called the meeting to order by welcoming everyone and welcoming our newest member Lisa Keener. Brenda Mitchell read a piece from the book by Billy Graham, “Hope for Each Day.” She closed her devotional with a prayer. Members stood and recited the Pledge of Allegiance. The roll call was conducted by each one present telling an area where they have seen butterflies. 
Minutes for the November meeting were waived, but Linda Nixon gave the financial report. We collected money for the Child Advocacy Center instead of exchanging gifts for Christmas. 
Linda Nixon and Connie York will represent our club for the global leaders training on Jan. 8 in the 4-H room.  
We discussed the upcoming events for the county council in 2018 which include: Swiss weaving on Jan. 2, basket weaving on Feb. 5, quilting 101 on March 5, visitation day on March 13, A and R Day on April 12, June Dairy Day on June 13 and Cultural Arts Day on July 12. Due to the Swiss weaving being on our regular club day we will be meeting on Jan. 8 at 11 a.m. in the 4-H room. 
Our club decided we will do another scrapbook for the 2018 year. We also decided to continue to bring paper goods for the Hamilton Street Center. It was also decided that we would donate to the Child Advocacy Center at their Gala and in December. 
We will be meeting in the 4-H room on the Dec. 11 to prepare goody bags for the residents of Fannie B’s. 
We closed our meeting with our president asking us to remember to be kind. The group provided items for the Child Advocacy Center and the Hamilton Street Center.