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Bobby Ray project done for now
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The project at Bobby Ray Elementary is done for now, but not complete.
A two-part project, the school received an expansion of lobby space where the old band room used to be and renovation of its existing gym. Director of Schools Bobby Cox says the lobby is complete but the gym is on hold until school ends in late May.
“Bobby Ray’s addition is complete,” said Cox. “Everything they can do on renovating the gym has been done. The air conditioning and everything is hooked up and ready to go for the gym. It’s not been completely installed yet because they are waiting until school is out. When school is out, they will take the bleachers out and rip the floor up. We’re just waiting for school to be out.”
Updates on projects at Warren County High School and Irving College School were also given. While the high school is complete and being used, Irving College is not.
“Irving College is moving along like it should. They completed the gym floor last week. It’s down, lined and the basketball goals are in. So the gym is pretty much complete. Last week, they were laying tile in the cafeteria. They were getting the service equipment, and things of that type, in. They were putting in the finishing touches. The goal there is to be through by May 27 and then to start immediately on the old building, the old wing, and the renovation that’s going to be done there.”
Cox said he’s still waiting on final approval from the state for installation of a bus entrance into Irving College due to the entrance coming off Highway 56, a state route.
If the entrance is approved, buses and cars will have separate access to the school. Students arriving by bus will enter the back of the building through the gym, while students being dropped off will enter the front of the school.
The status of the projects was given during a county Education Committee meeting. In attendance were Commissioners Diane Starkey, Terry Bell, Morris Bond, Carlene Brown and Scott Rubley.