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Bobby Ray, courthouse targeted
Bobby Ray, Courthouse targeted.jpg
Pictured are two panels of shattered glass located at the front of Bobby Ray Elementary School’s expansion. McMinnville Police Department is investigating that incident, as well as a similar one at Warren County Courthouse.

Bobby Ray Elementary and Warren County Courthouse have been hit by glass-breaking vandals.

“Somebody took a shot at one of the windows at the new construction and shattered it,” said Director of Schools Bobby Cox, to members of the county’s Education Committee on Monday. “We just noticed it today. Not sure when that happened.”

The school system has been on holiday break. Teachers returned for a development day on Monday and that’s when the damage was discovered. 

“Oh no,” said Commissioner Carlene Brown.

Commissioner Robert Hennessee stated, “That’s just great.”

The shattered window faces Chancery Street.

“It was a pellet gun or a BB gun,” said Cox. “We’ll have to replace the window. We have a security camera that’s facing the door. I’m not sure if it caught anything.” 

A report was filed with McMinnville Police Department and the video footage provided. 

The damage occurred just prior to the expansion being complete. 

“They are still working on some punch list items at Bobby Ray,” said Cox, of the project. “I was over there today. It looked good. I feel confident that we will probably be able to move into the bottom floor this week. We’re in the top already and having classes. We’ll schedule an open house.” 

At the courthouse, a shot from a pellet or BB gun was used to shatter the glass to the entrance facing Main Street. 

“We had to replace the front door at the courthouse,” said County Executive Jimmy Haley. “That was Monday (Dec. 30).”

McMinnville Police Department is investigating both incidents.