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Blue Building nears removal from Historic District
Blue Building
The Blue Building

The Blue Building’s days within the Downtown Historic District appear numbered. The first hurdle has been jumped.

“In the city’s agreement with Investment Partners, there is a clause that states ‘Should buyer so request, the property shall be removed from the Historic Zoning District’ and Investment Partners has requested that it be removed from the Historic District,” said Community Development Department director David Baird. 

McMinnville Historic Zoning Commission met Tuesday to consider a request from Investment Partners to remove the Blue Building property from the Historic District, a distinction it has held for more than 10 years.

“A little background on the property,” said Baird. “Originally, this property was not in the Historic Zoning District. It is actually the only property added, or subtracted, since the original district was set.”

Said HZC chair Michael Griffith, “The planned development for the property, to have a residential development of that scale and magnitude in downtown, I think it would be cumbersome for their plans to always come before this particular board. I think it’s outside the scope of this particular board.” 

Historic Zoning Commission members Griffith, Raven Young, Dan Sellers and Ben Myers unanimously approved the request. Member Rachel Kirby abstained.

Process to remove: consideration by both the Historic Zoning Commission and McMinnville Regional Planning Commission. Those two recommendations will be sent to the Board of Mayor and Aldermen for its final determination.