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Blue Building closer to removal from Historic District
Blue Building
The Blue Building

A measure to remove the Blue Building property from the Downtown Historic District has jumped a second hurdle and is on its way toward final approval. 

McMinnville Regional Planning Commission met Tuesday. Members provided their support for a request from Investment Partners of McMinnville to remove the Blue Building property from the Historic District, a distinction it has held for more than 10 years.

The city’s agreement with developers includes a clause that states, “Should buyer so request, the property shall be removed from the Historic Zoning District.” 

Community Develop-ment Department director David Baird presented the measure to commission members this week. Members Jim Brock, David Marttala, Jerry Williamson and Ryle Chastain provided their support. Rachel Kirby abstained. McMinnville Historic Zoning Commission voiced its approval in May.

Investment Partners of McMinnville includes Bobby Kirby, Jewell Hale and Lake Kirby. Bobby says the project could begin in the fall, if the Tax Increment Financing agreement is approved by the Industrial Development Board and both McMinnville and Warren County governments. 

“We’ve submitted the beginning process for our TIF to the IDB for their approval,” said Kirby. “Once they approve then it goes to city and county. Hopefully, that will be next month. We are ready. We would like to begin by the fall.”

Original plans were for 24 condos in the Blue Building itself and to build 40 additional townhouses on the property. First up in the project is renovation of the Blue Building.

McMinnville Board of Mayor and Aldermen will have final say on removal of the property from the Downtown Historic District. According to Baird, the issue will go before the board on Tuesday, Aug. 9 in the form of an ordinance which will require a second reading.