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Blood donor crashes car
Sparta Street wreck.jpg
A motor vehicle crash on Friday is being attributed to a medical condition. The midday crash occurred across the road from Three Star Mall. - photo by Lisa Hobbs

A simple act of kindness and compassion ended with a motor vehicle wreck Friday on Sparta Street.

Vereric Martin, 65, gave the lifesaving gift of blood at a Blood Assurance drive at Three Star Mall, then got in her vehicle to leave. 

“She pulled out of Three Star Mall onto Sparta Street,” said McMinnville Police Department Lt. Mark Mara. “That’s the last thing she remembers. We believe she passed out at that time. Evidence on the roadway shows she crossed the grass median and headed into oncoming traffic.”

When people give blood, their blood pressure can drop and their heart rate can slow down suddenly, and sometimes the body reacts to that. Some people might feel faint, nauseous, or light-headed or, in some cases, lose consciousness. While it is uncommon, it can happen. 

Martin was driving a 2005 Nissan Sentra. It struck the safety guardrail, which stopped the vehicle. 

“Three motorists reported that they barely missed striking Martin’s vehicle,” said Mara.  

A fourth was not so lucky. Martin was struck by a 2006 F-150 driven by Bobby Roberts, 73, of Warren County. 

“That is a busy roadway,” said Mara. “There were a lot of cars and trucks going by at the time of the crash. It’s just incredible that everyone was able to avoid her but one. She was very lucky. 

McMinnville Police officers Bobby Anderson and Jay Hutchings worked the crash. Because the cause of the crash was deemed to be medical in nature, they did not issue any citations. 

Martin was transported by Warren County EMS to Saint Thomas River Park Hospital for treatment.