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Bid limit raised for Turner's Bend Road repair
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Turner’s Bend Road suffered severe damage during February flooding. Road Superintendent Levie Glenn is waiting on permits before beginning repairs. - photo by Lisa Hobbs

Updates were given on damage to Turner’s Bend Road in the Irving College area during a Highway and Bridge Committee meeting.

Back in February, Turner’s Bend Road sustained up to an estimated $150,000 in damage due to heavy rain. Residents in the area reported the Collins River rose 20 to 30 feet and washed out the roadway. The force of the current caused two areas to give way.

According to Road Superintendent Levie Glenn on Tuesday, he is working with the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) on grant funds. However, he is still waiting on permits before beginning repairs.

“Through all of this, the USDA wanted me to do it with my labor force and said it would be quicker,” said Glenn. “I may have to sub some things out and I’ll have to rent bigger equipment because we are talking about large quantities of riprap.”

Glenn requested that commissioners raise his bid limit from $10,000 to $25,000.

“It’s a safety issue and I recommend we raise it so I can get these projects closed out because we are talking  about close to half a million dollars’ worth of projects,” said Glenn. “Those people have been waiting a long time up there and it’s affected around 20 families.”

 “Have you got enough manpower?” asked Commissioner Gary Prater.

Answered Glenn, “We might have to hire one or two operators and get a bigger excavator. Two sites are 2,000 tons each approximately of class III riprap and it’s deep in there. Once we get started, I think it will go pretty quick, but I would like to have everything in place.”

While Highway and Bridge Committee members approved raising the bid limit to $25,000, final approval will have to come from the Financial Management Committee and full Warren County Commission.