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Bates walks out of Walmart with over $1K worth of stolen goods
Jessica Jo Bates will face hearing June 27 on the charge of grand theft.

A woman faces shoplifting charges after she was stopped while pushing a buggy full of SunDrop and dog food out the door of Walmart, none of which she bothered to pay for.
The woman, Jessica Jo Bates, 39, of Liberty will face hearing June 27 on the charge of grand theft for trying to leave the local Walmart with $1,185 worth of various goods.
According to Walmart security, the woman actually paid for two loaves of bread and then proceeded to place the purchased loaves in a buggy full of merchandise she neglected to buy. She was stopped when she reached the door.
The laundry list of items she allegedly tried to steal included 41 DVD movies, 20 infant shorts and 20 infant shirts, 36 two-liter bottles of SunDrop, 25 household cleaning items, two 50-pound bags of dog food, three cartons of ice cream, and two cases of herring and salmon.
Given the amount of goods in her cart, her charge is a felony, punishable by one to two years in prison.