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Baker brings home fair awards
Elizabeth Baker.jpg
Elizabeth Baker displays two of the awards she received from her 80 entries at the Warren County A&L Fair. - photo by Sheila Fann

Eighteen-year-old Elizabeth Baker is a Motlow State Community College student who works part-time as a nanny and is a Cumberland Biscuit Company employee. Even with a hectic schedule, she found time to create 80 entries for the Warren County A&L Fair.

Baker entered her creations into the categories of cooking, canning, agriculture, clothing and poultry.  Not only does she cook and can, she grows her own vegetables. So when it comes time for canning, many of her products literally start from seed.  

In order to prepare for her numerous entries, the process begins in early spring. Baker says, “It takes work every single day to prepare for it.”

When asked to pick a favorite, Baker replied, “It would probably be poultry because I get experience of working with animals.”   

In regard to the hardest category, she said, “It would have to be the canning because jars are getting hard to find and there is a lot of time in picking, preparing and then the canning process.”

Her efforts did not go unmerited as she brought home the Atha Jones Davenport Achievement Award in the canning department, the Young Homemakers Award  for the categories of canning, clothing, and baking, and the Luther and Carl Gribble Memorial Award in the agriculture department.

At the age of 11, Elizabeth began learning these multifaceted skills from her mother, and hopes to possibly pursue an education in animal science or culinary arts. The possibility of opening a bakery or expanding her career with Cumberland Biscuit is also something being considered.

Baker wants to note how very thankful she is for the fair itself and for the people who work to make it happen.