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Baby bouncer charged with assault
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Felony assault charges have been filed against a man after he bounced a baby onto the floor while he was fighting with his brother-in-law.
The suspect, Kyrie M. Harris, 25, is charged with aggravated assault and resisting arrest. He will face hearing July 12 in front of General Sessions Judge Bill Locke.
His charges come after police were dispatched to the scene of the fight. When they arrived, tempers were still high, according to McMinnville Police Lt. Mark Mara, who recalled having to separate the in-laws.
“I had to separate them,” Mara said, noting he warned Harris to back off as he tried to still get at his brother-in-law. “I had to activate my tazer and place it in the small of his back to stop him from resisting.”
Once the group was separated, Mara learned Harris showed up at his sister’s home extremely upset over some rumors going around about him. A fight ensued between him and his sister’s husband.
“During the fight, Mr. Harris swung at Mr. Dominic Boyd and missed, breaking a closet door,” Mara said in his report. “They eventually ended up in the bedroom of Mr. Boyd’s 5-month-old daughter.”
It was as they still struggled that the baby was knocked to the floor. “During the struggle, the bed she was in was knocked over and she was knocked to the floor,” said Mara.
Mara said after the incident, Harris was convinced to leave the residence. The baby was reportedly not seriously injured in the fall.