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Art grant could lend fresh mural to wall
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Lisa Hobbs photo This bare wall on Court Square could receive an artistic touch and add to a musical driving trail called Tennessee Music Pathways. The trail is a tourism effort to promote the world-renowned music scene in the state. If a grant can be found, featured on the mural would be Dottie West, Charles Faulkner Bryan, Uncle Dave Macon, and Hal Durham.

The Paul Holder Real Estate building is under consideration for a mural dedicated to honoring Warren County’s musical past in order to connect this community to a driving tour called Tennessee Music Pathways, a statewide tourism initiative.

“There’s an art grant available, but there is a timeline attached to it,” said McMinnville Mayor Jimmy Haley, who requested the city’s Finance Committee to designate funds for the reimbursable grant. “We were looking for a nonprofit to apply for this.”

Main Street McMinnville executive director Katie Kemezis has agreed to ask her board to be that nonprofit organization.

“We are happy to act as a pass through where we are the one keeping the grant, getting it fully covered and returning the money to the city,” said Kemezis. “Again, all this needs to be approved by my board.”

The mural, which can be expanded upon, will initially showcase four local stars: Dottie West, Charles Faulkner Bryan, Uncle Dave Macon, and Hal Durham.

“Those are the initial ones,” said Haley. “There are others we can include. We felt like those were the easiest to document and the easiest to give pathway sites that if people who are on this driving trail or want to follow this music pathway they could come to McMinnville and see where these people lived when they were young – the area that had an influence on them as they grew up here.”

Steve Davis has been asked to be the artist.

An estimate of $3,360 for an 8-foot by 24-foot painting was given by Steve Davis and presented by Haley. Davis was the artist who worked with Security Federal Savings Bank and painted a mural to McMinnville on the side of the old Atrium Building.

The realty business is currently being operated by Holder’s grandson, David Miller.

“Has David signed off on this?” asked Alderman Everett Brock.

Haley replied, “David is my son-in-law.”

“That doesn’t necessarily mean he’s good with it,” said Brock.

Haley stated, “I’ve talked to him. He’s OK with this.”

Kemezis stated, “Ultimately, this is a great opportunity for Heritage Alliance, Main Street McMinnville and David, a private building owner, to actually bring something to a very visible part of our downtown and hopefully bring more activity to the grassy lot.”

It is yet to be determined if the mural will be painted on the wall or if it would be painted onto a secondary surface and mounted to the wall.
The Finance Committee unanimously approved $3,500 in the budget to be used if a grant can be obtained.