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Animal cruelty under investigation
Warren County Sheriffs Department is investigating a suspected animal cruelty case involving this dog.

Charges could be pending against the owner of an emaciated dog found at a home in the Jacksboro Road area Wednesday.
“I was called to a home in the Jacksboro Road area,” said Warren County Animal Control director Kim Pettrey. “It was an anonymous caller. All the caller gave was an address and told me I needed to get out there before the dog dies.”
While at the address, Pettrey found a male, boxer/bulldog mix breed that is approximately 1-2 years old. He was being kept in a fenced-in area and chained.
“The dog was extremely dehydrated and malnourished,” said Pettry. “He was emaciated. I called the Warren County Sheriff’s Department to send someone out. This is probably the worst condition I’ve seen a dog in and it still be alive. He was basically a skeleton.”
Pettrey said there were other dogs running loose on the property and in the home and all those animals seemed in good condition.
“I don’t know why this dog was allowed to get in this condition,” Pettrey said. “All the other dogs seemed fine. This one wasn’t. He did have some food when I got there. His water was green. I think he was so dehydrated and malnourished by that time he couldn’t eat what he was given.”
At this time, few details are being released as the Sheriff’s Department conducts an investigation. Pettrey says she wants to see charges against the dog’s owner.
“I absolutely want to prosecute,” said Pettrey. “The condition of this dog was pitiful. We named him Skelly because of it. I have to let the investigators do their job."
The dog is currently under the care of a local veterinarian.