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Animal Control needs loving foster homes
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If you’ve ever wanted to make a difference in the lives of animals, Warren County Animal Control and Adoption Center has an opportunity for you.

With kitten and puppy season descending upon the county, the number of cats and dogs in need of homes have only increased for animal control. Currently, the facility has 41 cats and 37 dogs in its care as of Friday, May 20. Since January, it has received over 200 animals.

“We have had seven pregnant cats so far this season,” revealed shelter director Sherry Bradley. “This means the litters are born at the shelter and remain here until they’re adopted. It’s really not an ideal situation, as they should be in homes where they can get more concentrated one-on-one attention.”

Bradley explained that kittens and puppies benefit from growing up in a home environment where they can learn how households work, easing them into their eventual lives with families. While the staff work diligently to give every animal in their care all the attention they can, it simply isn’t possible without a large group of volunteers - including foster homes.

“Fosters are an incredible resource to have and they play such an important role in the adoption process,” Bradley explained. “They allow the shelter to help more animals overall as we are not so overcrowded. Right now, we have to turn some animals away because we simply do not have the space for them. As a bonus, the animals in foster homes get to learn how to behave in a family setting, which is something they don’t really get in the shelter.”

Foster homes provide an opportunity for members of the community to help animals without any cost to their own bottom dollar. Fosters, Bradley explained, care for animals until they’re adopted and the shelter foots the bill for their care. All foster homes are required to do is make sure the pets in their care make it to vet appointments and meet and greets as needed.

Bradley implores any who are interested in fostering for the facility to reach out as there is a great need for foster homes.

The process is a simple application and the process can be started by contacting Animal Control on Facebook or by calling 931-507-3647. Animal Control is located at 169 Paws Trail.