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Animal Control expansion still a go despite delays
Animal Control expansion still planned.jpg
Superior Walls is still on board with donating materials for an Animal Control expansion, according to company president Stacey Harvey.

Superior Walls president Stacey Harvey says his commitment to help expand Warren County Animal Control and Adoption Center is as solid as the concrete slab he plans to pour.

In October 2019, Harvey offered to contribute a concrete slab, exterior walls, roof trusses, roofing plywood and the labor required for that portion of the work toward an expansion, a building 24 feet by 28 feet. County government will be tasked with finishing the project’s metal roof, plumbing and electrical.

Harvey says he’s committed to the project, but bad weather is reducing the number of work days.

“The weather and some business travel has restricted my ability to come to (county) meetings,” said Harvey. “Rest assured, our commitment is solid. We just need some decent weather to get our guys freed up. When our schedules are condensed by bad weather, instead of having a good stream of guys working on orderly projects, we are forced to put an all-hands-on-deck strategy when the weather actually does cooperate. It is difficult to schedule an extra project like this.” 

Cost to complete the project is unknown. However, up to $10,000 is being held within the facility’s budget for it.