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Animal Control brings in $1,802 in May
Sherri Bradley - Animal Control.jpg
Bradley, Warren County Animal Control & Adoption Center Director

The animal population at Warren County Animal Control and Adoption Center remains low. 

Animal Control director Sherri Bradley says the current population is 27 cats and 13 dogs. The information was presented to members of the county’s Health and Welfare Committee. 

Per the information presented, during the month of May the facility took in 43 dogs and 35 cats and was successful in adopting out 14 dogs and three cats. There were 14 dogs and 10 cats sent to rescue, and seven dogs were returned to their owners.

The facility collected $1,802 during May: $1,507 in adoption fees, $292 in returned fees, and a $3 donation was received.

“That’s a pretty good number, as far as money collected,” said Commissioner David Dunlap. “We haven’t been that high.”

Bradley replied, “Yes, it is. For being closed, we did pretty well.”

For informational purposes, Bradley also lists the following:

• Phone calls at shelter, 252

• Shelter cellphone calls, 79

• Off-site physical calls, 26

• Facebook responses, 97

Commissioners Blaine Wilcher, Carl D. Bouldin and Robert Hennessee toured the facility with county maintenance employee Greg Bowdoin recently to view the progress on improvements being made.

“We walked around and Greg went over the punch list with us and showed us some things that are happening,” said Wilcher. “We talked about the drainage issue. I’m going to get with Levie (Glenn, road superintendent) to see if it’s possible for him to get a Bobcat over there because they will have to dig up and find where gravel is getting into the drains. If we can get a Bobcat over there and scrape the top off, they won’t have to hand dig.” 

The meeting was a monthly update.