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Ambulance crash lawsuit looming
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A pending lawsuit has halted Warren County government’s intent to refurbish a wrecked ambulance and get it back on the road.
A used replacement is being sought.

EMS director Preston Denney has notified members of the county Safety Committee an attorney has expressed a desire to inspect the damaged ambulance and it is being held in order to allow time for that inspection.

“They’re trying to get an inspection date set up for the ambulance,” said Denney. “We are looking at 60 days before it can be released. Then, at that point, we can move forward with the remount. We’re at their mercy. We have to agree to their request. It could be 60 days, at minimum.”
While the name of the attorney and whom they represent is unknown, it could be Cornelius Hurt, 29, of Nashville. According to reports from March 31, the Warren County EMS ambulance struck Hurt’s Nissan Altima. It was stopped on the shoulder from a wreck moments earlier. Hurt was critically injured.

Committee members previously approved hauling the ambulance from Nashville to Select-Tech in Shelbyville for repairs. Insurance appraisal was $75,000 for damages.

Denney estimates, between the requested inspection and the timeframe for repair, it could be up to a year before the department receives its ambulance.

“We are looking at nine months to a year before we get that truck back,” said Denney. “That puts us down a truck. I spoke with the guy from insurance last week when he brought us the check. He said we could do what we wanted with the money. He said you don’t have to wait. He said if we wanted to use the money toward another truck, we could.”

Denney said he contacted a Dodge dealership to inquire about a new ambulance and was told the wait is six months so he switched to looking for a used one.

“Three used vehicles, with Dodge chassis, were found. We found other ones but those were more like what we already have. They are 2017s. One we looked at had around 8,000 miles and one had 11,000 miles. The one with 11,000 miles on it is $161,000.”

Committee members approved Denney going out for bids on a used vehicle. The measure will be presented to the full Warren County Commission for its consideration.