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Alley flees law, again
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A man with a history of fleeing the law has been charged with running again, this time leading lawmen on a high-speed chase on Bluff Springs Road.
The fugitive, Anthony Steven Alley, 41, is charged with reckless endangerment for evading a traffic stop initiated by sheriff’s deputy Jared Jacobs who was attempting to serve an outstanding warrant on the suspect.
“He drove at a high rate of speed, passing cars in no-passing zones, traveling through intersections that had red lights showing, not stopping for stop signs and disregarding other rules of the road,” Jacobs recalled, noting a fellow deputy also got a good look at the suspect and identified him as Alley.
Jacobs noted Alley had a passenger in his vehicle when he fled arrest.
“He was also placed in danger by Alley’s actions along with other motorists and citizens of Warren County,” said Jacobs, noting he terminated the pursuit for the safety of the public. Alley was taken into custody at a later date. He will appear for preliminary hearing June 6.
Alley has multiple priors for evading arrest, with his history of flight dating back two decades.