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Alleged getaway car driven to jail
Kyle Allen Reese.jpg

Two intruders reportedly attacked a man in his home – and shot at

him with his own gun – during a daring home invasion Monday night on Dark Hollow Road.

Five arrests have been made in connection with the incident thanks to one of the suspects driving to the Sheriff’s Department in the getaway vehicle the next day.

Charged with aggravated burglary and aggravated assault are

Kyle Allen Reese, 19, Katelyn Alysia Carr, 19 and Anthony Boyce Walker, 27. Two male juveniles were also arrested and their names have not been released by law enforcement.

According to Sheriff Tommy Myers, the male victim answered a knock on his door around 10:30 p.m. and discovered two men who claimed their car had broken down and they needed to use a phone. The victim allowed them to use his cellphone.

The men claimed they called a garage, but the tow bill would cost too much. The victim offered to give them a ride to town and they accepted.

As the victim turned to put on his shoes, the two men jumped him from behind. A struggle ensued and the victim tried to reach

a handgun he had lying on the sofa. But the intruders reached the gun first. Seeing this, the man decided to flee and ran out his front door. The gun was reportedly fired at him while he was in the front yard and he decided to take cover in the back. As he ran to the back yard, he saw two more people in ski masks lurking outside his home and decided to keep running to safety.

As he was hiding, the victim saw a black, older model Ford Mustang pull up and the four suspects climbed inside. The Mustang had distinct blue lights around its license plate. 

A neighbor also identified this car as being in the area that night.

Deputies spent the next day looking for the Mustang when the evidence literally drove right into their lap.

One of the juvenile suspects drove the car to the jail with a friend so the friend could give a family member who was in jail money on his

commissary card.

“It was the vehicle we had been looking for all day,” said Sheriff Myers. “We approached the car and found marijuana and alcohol and the juvenile driver was charged that night. That’s when we began looking up known associates of that juvenile and we found several pictures we took to the victim. He was able to pick out the two people who were at his house because he got a good look at them that night.”

More investigation led to the apprehension of two more suspects. Walker was picked up on foot in Cookeville and the stolen gun was reportedly found on his possession at that time. 

He faces additional charges of possession of stolen property and possession of a handgun by a convicted felon.

“The victim was known to own a lot of guns and had in fact had some guns stolen from his home about a month earlier,” said Sheriff Myers. “We think the motive was to go in and rob him of more guns and we think they wanted to use those guns to rob people of drugs. I’m very proud of the work our guys put in to make arrests in this case very quickly.”

Myers said all of the suspects were in custody by Thursday morning.