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Airport maintenance shed in works
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A maintenance shed at Warren County Memorial Airport was pulled from consideration last year but it could take flight now.
The county Budget and Finance Committee with members Terry Bell, chair, Carl E. Bouldin, Michael Martin and Diane Starkey approved the proposed budget and left the shed standing. Commissioner Ken Martin was absent.
The shed, said Airport Commissioner Dr. Mike Roberts, would be approximately $180,000 with $94,000 coming from the county and the remaining amount coming from an account containing $88,000 that can only be used toward the airport.
The airport’s proposed fiscal year budget for 2016-17 was $1.9 million. Roberts offered to lower the airport’s gasoline request from $300,000 to $200,000 which would bring the proposed budget down to $1.8 million.
“There was a time when we used that and needed it but we don’t have the factories that we once had and they don’t have the jets that they were once using,” said Roberts of the $300,000. “Our purchase price of fuel is down also so we looked at what we have been spending on fuel and we feel comfortable to reduce that to $200,000 for the coming year. We think that’s going to be adequate and are comfortable doing that. Again, that fuel is for resale. We make money on that. We desperately need this maintenance shed.”
According to county finance director Linda Hillis, the airport has generated $86,304 in revenue from gasoline sales during fiscal year 2015-16 through February of this year.
Bouldin spoke in favor of the shed.
“It’s my thoughts that we’ve got a good airport and it’s very important to this community that we have a good airport,” he said. “If there’s any way we can possibly do this, I would like to see us do it. It’s a one-time thing. I would, personally, like to see it done. That’s my opinion.”
Starkey added, “I feel the same way.”
The budget must still be presented to county Financial Management Committee for its consideration, as well as the full Warren County Commission.