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Aging walkways at WCMS structurally sound
Looks can be deceiving. Despite their appearance, Warren County Middle Schools concrete walkways that connect the main building to the vocational building are structurally sound.

Testing the concrete walkways at Warren County Middle School hasdetermined the visuals issues are not structural in nature.
“They pulled a core sample,” said Director of Schools Bobby Cox. “There are no structural issues right now. There are some things that have to be addressed, such as flaking, but structurally, he felt there were no problems with it right now but the issues do need to be addressed.”
The update was presented to members of the county Education Committee on Monday.
In late 2016, Upland Design Group president Derrick Clemow was asked to inspect the walkways by Cox due to what appeared to be potential structural issues and safety concerns.
“They have been there some 40 plus years and they are showing irregular signs of wear,” said Clemow, at that time.
Upland Design Group architect Allen Hill said he contacted a structural engineer that pointed to salt being placed on the concrete during the winter months as the likely cause of the issues and relayed that the walkways were safe for pedestrians.
“The structural engineer that designed the Irving College structural portion of that project has told us he feels like it’s safe for the foreseeable future for pedestrian loads,” said Hill. “A truck shouldn’t be on it or anything like that. For people to walk back and forth, we believe it’s OK at this time.” That assessment was accurate, according to recent core testing that determined the concrete walkways were sound.
Present during Monday night’s meeting were Commissioners Diane Starkey, chair, Terry Bell, Morris Bond, Carlene Brown and Scott Rubley.
No date was given to address the visual issues.