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Act now for absentee ballot

More people than ever are expected to vote by absentee ballot in the upcoming election and election administrator Susie Davenport says anyone who plans to vote absentee should not wait until the Oct. 27 deadline to request a ballot.
“If you know you’re going to request an absentee ballot, don’t wait that late. Go ahead and get that request in,” said Davenport. “If you wait until the Oct. 27 deadline to request an absentee ballot it’s going to have to go in the mail from us, then you’re going to have to have time to mark it, and then it’s going to have to come back to us by postal mail by Nov. 3.”
The Election Commission must receive absentee ballots by Election Day on Nov. 3 for them to be counted. Absentee ballots cannot be hand-delivered.
“We have people who walk in with these ballots to return them and I send them right back outside to the postal box,” Davenport said. “You can send it by UPS or FedEx or any of those postal services but it does have to be returned by mail. Our post office has been wonderful to work with. They have done everything in their power to expedite our ballot returns. However, if you wait until the last minute even the best efforts could possibly keep your ballot from arriving on Election Day in order to be counted.”
Sample ballots can be viewed at