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$10K electronic voting system abandoned after one use
Jimmy Haley - clear.jpg
County Executive Jimmy Haley

Just days after Warren County commissioners held their first hybrid meeting, an equipment upgrade that cost almost $10,000, the governor’s decision to end statewide public health orders has put a stop to using it.  

“I do want to announce that with the governor’s message and press release, starting today there will be no more electronic voting by members moving forward in any of our committees or County Commission meetings,” said County Executive Jimmy Haley.

That announcement was made during Thursday’s meeting of the county Financial Management Committee.

In November 2020, commissioners approved spending $9,993 in governor’s grant money to purchase and install four TVs, a laptop, a camera, several speakers, and any other necessary hardware in the courtroom to facilitate hybrid meetings so that some commissioners could attend meetings in person while others join the meetings by web conference or via cellphone.

On April 19, commissioners held their first hybrid session using the newly installed equipment. 

McMinnville government must also stop allowing hybrid meetings. 

“All meetings must now be held in person,” said Mayor Ryle Chastain. 

Haley says the Tennessee General Assembly may decide to allow the use of hybrid sessions again at some point. “The General Assembly may vote to change the conditions on that, if it’s illness or something else. Otherwise, it’s not going to be done.”

It’s time to “get back to business in Tennessee” said Gov. Bill Lee.