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Local florists swamped with Valentine's orders
Evan Wilson
Evan Wilson and the staff at All O-K'sions have been wildly busy this Valentine's Day.

Love is in the air this Valentine’s Day as florists are scurrying to deliver arrangements to hundreds of lucky recipients.

McMinnville Florist and All-O-K’sions are two local shops which are incredibly busy. Whether they are filling orders made weeks in advance, or putting together a last-minute bouquet, they are swamped with orders. All-O-K’sions owner Pam Wilson said they began working on the many Valentine’s Day arrangements on Sunday and had even delivered a few this weekend.

“We have worked around the clock. We started Sunday at 9 a.m. and we are still here. Full staff,” said Pam.

Shaye Mason was helping deliver the flowers for All-O-K’sions and said she expects to have delivered hundreds by the end of the day. The back of the shop was covered with a variety of bouquets.

“By the end of the day, we will probably have done 350 deliveries. Everything was full this morning. Every table and even underneath them,” said Mason. “We have some cool tie-dye roses this year and blue and white and splattered. They are just really pretty because they are unique and different.”

McMinnville Florist owner Mike Satterfield and All-O-K’sions owner Pam Wilson both agree that red roses are the most requested for Valentine’s Day. Both shops recommend ordering an arrangement at least two weeks in advance in order to get what you want. Special order flowers should be made even further in advance.

All-O-K’sions had a line of customers hoping to get an arrangement for their Valentine on Monday morning and some had to make due with other rose colors because they ran out of red. Pam Wilson says when they run low on flowers they have to just “go with the flow.”

Miles Wilson was arranging bouquets at All-O-K’sions and said it takes him about 20 minutes on a good day to arrange a bouquet. He and the other employees had been working tirelessly to get all the arrangements ready for delivery and they were all relieved this day only comes around once annually.

“We are just glad it comes once a year,” said Miles.