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Lions Club offers help in obtaining photo IDs
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Lions Club is making dreams come true this year. It is offering free transportation to get the photo ID needed to vote in Tennessee.
“I’ve voted in every election since moving here in 1968 from Michigan,” said Lorraine Ruffing. “I like McMinnville, and the friendly people here. I didn’t want to miss voting this year, but I was told photo identification would be needed.”
Ruffing, 91, has a driver’s license, but no vehicle. The license is without a photo. A recognizable face in the community, she worked for Stewart’s Pharmacy for 34 years.
It is estimated that 11 percent of eligible voters do not have government-issued photo ID, and that figure is even higher among seniors like Ruffing.
“Voting is very important to me,” Ruffing said. “Voting is one of our privileges. We may have some taken away, but that’s one that we do have. Every vote is very important.”
Ruffing decided to take advantage of an offer by the local Warren County Lions Club for a ride to the Driver’s Service Center to obtain the needed photo.
“I think this is wonderful that they are doing this,” she said. “If it wasn’t for them, I couldn’t vote. If people don’t vote, where would we be?”
Ruffing was picked up by Warren County Lions Club president Bob Davenport. He took her to the center for her new photo identification.
It was a pleasure, says Davenport.
“I’m glad to do it. Lions Club gives back to the community in ways such as this. Voting is very important, and we don’t want anyone who wants to vote to miss the chance.”
The Lions Club offer provides free transportation to get the photo ID needed to vote in Tennessee this year for those who don’t have a way to get to the local Driver Service Center. It is available to Warren County residents only by calling the Election Commission office at 473-5834.