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Lillard jailed for 60 days due to his lengthy record
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A man with a lengthy drug dealing record dating back well over a decade will serve two months in jail for getting caught with a blunt.
The defendant, John Lillard Jr., 34, was directed by Circuit Court Judge Bart Stanley to serve 60 days of an 11-month, 29-day sentence and pay $250 plus costs for simple possession of marijuana. The charge of joyriding was dismissed.
Lillard was arrested at Best Value Inn on an outstanding warrant. It was there lawmen discovered he was in possession of a car reported stolen out of Texas
“He claimed he borrowed the Chevy Impala from his brother’s friend but does not know the brother’s friend’s name,” sheriff’s investigator Kevin Murphy wrote concerning Lillard’s statement about the car.
In addition to finding the stolen car, investigators found Lillard in possession of a marijuana cigar, the charge for which he will serve two months in jail.
His 60 days for the small amount of marijuana comes due to his long criminal record which includes 20 prior charges dating back to 1997. Those charges range from domestic assault and burglary to sale of cocaine.