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Lawson gets 16-year sentence for three meth lab arrests
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Three meth labs will cost a local man 16 years in prison, a lengthy sentence handed down on the heels of a 40-year meth sentence given to another three-time offender earlier this month.
The defendant, Dustin Lawson, was sentenced by Circuit Court Judge Bart Stanley on three counts of initiating the process to manufacture meth and promoting the manufacture of meth. He was given a 16-year sentence which will be served in addition to time he owes for violation of probation.
Lawson was linked to three meth labs, the latest being a raid at Asbury Apartments this past February. On that occasion, McMinnville police investigator Tony Jenkins said he went to the residence looking for Lawson in relation to a meth investigation he was conducting.
“I knocked for some 30 minutes and no one came to the door,” Jenkins said of his visit to the Asbury apartment.
Upon finally gaining access, Jenkins said he found numerous items such as lithium batteries, packs of psudoephedrine and coffee filters, all commonly used in the production of the shake-and-bake method of making meth. The items were all linked to Lawson.
At the time of the Asbury raid, Lawson had already been busted for two other meth labs. On Oct. 8 of last year, Lawson was busted when an odor of meth manufacture was smelled in a trailer where he was located. Then, on Oct. 17, a raid of another residence netted a backpack with chemicals linked to Lawson.
His 16-year sentence comes shortly after Lance Anthony Vogle, 44, was given a local record 40-year sentence for being involved in three separate meth labs, one of which was in the same house where his elderly mother was being nursed.