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Late-Start Thursdays begin this week
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Students don’t have to watch the weather report to find out if school will be two hours late this Thursday.A first-year program called Late-Start Thursdays begins this week with students having the option to report to school two hours late.The idea behind the new program is to give teachers a chance to discuss educational issues without having to deal with classrooms full of children.“The goal of this first session is to evaluate where we are after the first weeks of school and see where we need to go from this point on,” said Director of Schools Bobby Cox. “When you do something different, it’s going to be trial and error and I’m sure this will be a little more hectic being the first time than ones we have later in the year. Hopefully it will be a very productive two hours.”While students can report two hours late for what will be a 9:45 a.m. start of school, that’s not required.