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Landlord looking for rent finds meth lab instead
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A landlord out to collect rent ended up stumbling on a meth lab, with a local couple now indicted for the illegal enterprise.
The couple, Terry Brian McCormick and Tabitha Pasley, have been indicted for initiating the process to manufacture meth, possession of drugs and drug paraphernalia.
Their arrests come after their landlord arrived at their apartment to collect rent.
“She (the landlord) went to their room to collect money and smelled a very strong odor coming from inside the room,” explained McMinnville patrolman Robert Hammond.
The smell prompted her to contact police, who arrived and were greeted by the same tell-tale smell of meth production.
“We knocked numerous times and when Tabitha Pasley came to the door we could immediately smell a strong odor coming from the room,” Hammond recalled.
Once inside, lawmen found McCormick in the bedroom and were struck by the strong odor inside the room. That was when the woman reportedly attempted to go into the bathroom.
“She attempted to go into the bathroom but was stopped,” Hammond said. “When she exited the bathroom I saw a one-pot containing ammonia nitrate and sodium hydroxide, chemicals used in the manufacture of meth.”
The one-pot meth lab was likely the source of the foul smell emanating from the apartment.