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Lady beetles invade homes in this area
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Like a scene from a horror movie, millions of bugs have descended on Warren County, invading homes and covering structures with their teeming masses.While often called ladybugs, the bugs in question are actually the Asian lady beetle, according to Dr. Karla Adesso, scientist with the TSU Nursery Research Station.“They were brought here in 1916 as a predator for the aphid that was destroying crops,” Adesso said.She noted the bugs are here all the time but they mostly go unnoticed because they are generally outdoors eating aphids. They look for places to hibernate once winter approaches and one of the better places are the eves and crevasses offered by houses and other man-made structures.“If there are cracks, they will find their way in,” Adesso said.Unless you are an aphid, the beetles are harmless to people and property, with the exception of a foul smell they emit if they feel threatened. Like many Tennessee fans, Adesso said the bugs bleed orange.“It’s actually their blood,” Adesso said.