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Kilgore caught phoning in prescription
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A former doctor’s office employee caught trying to make her own prescription in order to save some money has been given probation on drug fraud charges.
The woman, Patricia Ann Kilgore, 29, was granted an 11-month, 29-day judicial diversion by General Sessions Judge Larry Ross on the misdemeanor count of prescription fraud. The judicial diversion means she can have her criminal record erased once her probationary period is over. She will also be required to pay $350 plus costs and perform 16 hours public service work.
Her charge came after Walgreen’s pharmacy fielded a call from a woman purporting to be a doctor’s secretary. The woman placed a prescription for Esgic, a medicine used to treat tension headaches. A call back to the doctor by the pharmacist confirmed they had not placed any such prescription. When Kilgore came to pick up the prescription she was intercepted by police and quickly came clean on her motivation.
“She said she called Walgreen’s acting like she was from the doctor’s office because it was cheaper for her and her husband to get pills without going to the doctor and paying for an office visit fee,” said McMinnville police officer Justin Shrum of the statement made by Mrs. Kilgore.
Officer Shrum noted Kilgore admitted she had once worked for the doctor she had tried to forge the prescription from and therefore knew how the phone-in prescription process worked.