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Kidnapping tale lands mom in jail
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A mother who lied about her daughter being kidnapped will serve a month in jail for the hoax.
The mother, Alyssa M. Coleman, 24, entered guilty pleas before Circuit Court Judge Bart Stanley to the charge of filing a false report. She was directed to serve 30 days of a two-year sentence and was ordered to get into a rehab program.
Her sentence comes after she called police and told them her daughter was missing earlier this year.
“She stated she was at Walmart with her daughter and was unable to locate the child in the store,” said McMinnville police officer Brian Holt.
After claiming her daughter had disappeared, the woman told the officer she knew who had abducted the child.
“She stated she was with the child’s father at Walmart and he kidnapped their daughter,” Holt wrote in his warrant against Coleman, noting the claims became even more sinister. “She said he was texting her demanding a cash ransom.”
An investigation of Coleman’s claim blew her story out of the water. Police found the child was never at Walmart with her mother that day, nor was the girl ever kidnapped.
“Upon further investigation, it was discovered the child had been home with Ms. Coleman’s mother all afternoon and was not with Ms. Coleman at Walmart,” Holt revealed.
The reason for Coleman’s alleged lie to police about her daughter’s abduction was not revealed. Since her report prompted an investigation about a false report, the crime is a felony.