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Kestner charged with assault
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A man who threw a dumbbell through his wife’s car window while she was behind the wheel has been charged with felony assault.The suspect, Johnathon W. Kestner, 25, is free on his own recognizance and awaiting hearing on the charge of aggravated assault.His charge comes after deputies were dispatched to his residence to answer a domestic call.“He said he and his wife had been arguing about people she had been texting and that she got mad and walked out,” said deputy Jorge Rivera in his warrant against Kestner. “He followed her out of the house and when his wife had gotten into the car, he picked up a 20-pound iron dumbbell and threw it at the driver’s side window, breaking the window.”The deputy said the barbell broke the window and flew into the driver’s side of the car, hitting the woman.“The dumbbell struck her in the face causing a black eye, swollen lip, busted chin and a bad cut on her forehead,” Rivera said, noting the woman went for treatment at the hospital in Woodbury.It was learned following further investigation that both husband and wife had been consuming alcohol prior to the incident.Mr. Kestner has reportedly confessed to authorities concerning his throwing of the dumbbell.