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Jury finds man not guilty of hurting infant
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A man is free after serving 20 months in jail for allegedly breaking his infant daughter’s leg – a crime in which jurors acquitted him Wednesday following trial.
The father, Nathan Alan Keel-McDowell, 24, was looking at up to 25 years in prison had he been convicted on the Class A Felony. He remained held at Warren County Jail unable to make bond for the entire time he awaited his trial.
McDowell, 24, was charged with aggravated child abuse in late 2011 for allegedly breaking his 2-month-old daughter’s femur, the large bone in the upper leg. The baby was taken to River Park when its mother became concerned when she would not stop crying.
A visit to the emergency room failed to diagnose the issue but when the mother got a second opinion from a local pediatrician it was learned the baby’s leg was broken. The infant was later transferred to Vanderbilt University Children’s Hospital for treatment of the fracture.
Doctors agreed there was no way the baby could have inflicted the injury on itself since it was too small to even sit up on its own.
The process of elimination led back to McDowell who denied doing anything to knowingly hurt his daughter. Instead, he said the baby started crying while he was changing her diaper. He denied using too much force in changing the diaper. It was also pointed out the baby was usually in the custody of both parents in a family environment.
The lack of direct evidence showing McDowell as the person who inflicted the injury led to his acquittal.