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Judge's son arrested again
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Dark window tint has landed the judge’s son in trouble with the law for a third time after he was arrested along with a friend with two pounds of marijuana.
Police say Thomas D. Locke, 21, was the driver of a 2002 Nissan Maxima that was pulled over for having dark window tint. Locke is the son of local General Sessions Judge Bill Locke.
McMinnville police officer Eddie Colwell stopped Locke on Cascade Avenue on the violation and smelled something peculiar.
“A strong odor of marijuana was coming from the vehicle,” Colwell said in his warrants against Locke and his passenger, Tomas Alijandro Santiago, 21. They are both charged with possession of marijuana for resale.
Colwell asked the pair if there was marijuana in the vehicle.
“Thomas Locke said they had just smoked a blunt but he did not know where it was,” Colwell said, noting Locke eventually handed him a Sprite can containing a cigar containing marijuana.
The two were removed from the car so a further search could be conducted. Police soon discovered a small amount of marijuana on the driver and passenger side floorboards. A search of the trunk netted a serious amount of pot as police found a plastic bag containing 392 grams of marijuana. A second bag was then found, this one containing 387 grams.
While Locke asked to speak with a lawyer, Santiago opted to speak with police.
“Mr. Santiago advised he knew nothing about the marijuana other than the blunt Locke had given him,” Colwell said of the conversation.
However, since neither Locke nor Santiago would admit ownership of the drugs, both were arrested on possession charges. The charges were upped to possession with intent to sell after digital scales were found in the vehicle.
The bust wasn’t over even when the two were brought to jail. During booking, officers found two plastic bags containing marijuana in Santiago’s wallet.
In all, the two are charged with possessing a little over two pounds of marijuana for resale. Locke’s car has been seized as a result of the arrest.
The bust is the third for the judge’s son. He was indicted in 2012 when he had just turned 18 for selling marijuana to an undercover agent. Locke ended up having to serve 60 days of a three-year sentence for that crime, an amount of time most legal professionals consulted say was a longer jail term than normal for a first-time marijuana offender. His father said on that occasion his son’s case would be handled like any other case, noting he hoped the young Locke would be able to get his life back together after serving the jail time.
He was arrested again in early 2014 during a traffic stop. Just like Wednesday night, police smelled the odor of marijuana during the traffic stop. On that occasion, Locke had a headlight out. A small amount of marijuana (4.5 grams) was found in his possession on that occasion, making it a misdemeanor.