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Judge Locke issues sentences in General Sessions
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A 48-person docket was heard Tuesday by Judge Bill Locke in General Sessions Court. Included in court action:• Patricia Gomez must serve six months for criminal impersonation and failure to appear in court.• Cameron G. Duncan was instructed to serve five days of an 11-29 sentence and undergo anger management classes for domestic assault.• Shanna R. Duggin was granted a six-month judicial diversion and must perform 16 hours public service work on the charge of simple assault.• Chad S. Leverett was instructed to serve 48 hours of a six-month sentence and pay $50 plus costs for resisting arrest and public intoxication.• Michael C. Long was granted an 11-29 judicial diversion and must perform 25 hours public service work and was warned to stay out of Walmart for shoplifting.• Steven U. Johnson was ordered to serve 21 days of an 11-29 sentence and must make $281 restitution and stay out of Walmart for shoplifting.• Tabitha Avalos was bound to the grand jury on the charge of vandalism.• Leonard C. Coldwell was given an 11-29 probationary sentence and must undergo a drug and alcohol assessment for domestic assault.• Jacob Foster was fined $50 plus costs for disorderly conduct.• Steve A. Simmons must pay $50 plus costs for public intoxication.• Rebecca Haney and Kassandra Koziol must pay $10 pus costs for public intoxication.• Matthew C. Zahn must pay $10 plus costs and perform 16 hours public service work for underage consumption.• Jonathan Ramos must serve the balance of his sentence for violation of probation.• Victor Gingerich must serve 150 days for violation of probation.• Koleby Myers must serve 60 days for violation of probation.Clarifications• Tracy Ryan Hillis of Northcutt Cove Road and Barren Fork Nursery is not the person convicted on the charge of DUI.• Allen Jaco of Morrison Street, a retired real estate appraiser, is not the person charged with possession of a weapon and driving without a license.