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Jones airlifted for severe burns
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A local man was airlifted to Vanderbilt on Monday after an accident involving gasoline while he was doing mechanical work on a truck.
Greg Jones, the owner of Greg’s Place on Sparta Street, was airlifted to Vanderbilt from the hospital in Woodbury after he was driven there for treatment. He remained on a ventilator at Vanderbilt last night, according to a family member.
The accident happened Monday night just after 7 p.m. while Jones was working on a truck. He was reportedly pouring gas into the carburetor when the truck backfired and shot flames into his face.
Jones suffered second-degree burns to his face and neck. He also suffered some lung damage.
Doctors considered taking Jones off the ventilator yesterday, but were concerned his oxygen levels were too low. If those levels improve, they will try to take him off the ventilator again today.
His medical condition is not believed to be life-threatening.