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Jean Brock announces her candidacy for judge
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Jean Brock is formally announcing her candidacy for General Sessions Judge of Warren County. Brock has been on the campaign trail since January when Judge Larry Ross announced his retirement.Brock, a longtime attorney and advocate for children, says, “Warren County is my home and I am ready to serve the citizens here in the only way I know how – with hard work, determination and common sense.” As Brock plans a campaign of open discussion of issues important to Warren County and issues facing the judicial system, here are ideas for improvements she is asking citizens to consider as she campaigns:• Convene court at the jail for the incarcerated to avoid costs and risks to the community associated with the transportation of prisoners such as requirement of additional officers for escort and public safety, need to maintain and fuel a vehicle, risk of prisoners obtaining drugs in the courtroom to introduce into the jail, potential escape or harm to the public.• Seek alternatives to incarceration to collect fines, costs, and fees from those convicts who have already served their sentence and probation such as repeated court appearances in some cases, a house arrest program to be monitored by electronic ankle bracelets, along with other less costly and common sense methods to recover this money that does not cost the taxpayer more than the amount of the fines and costs.• In appropriate cases, set cash bonds for those charged with passing worthless checks in the amount of the check and court costs so, if the arrestee is convicted, the victims will be reimbursed.• Implement the collaborative drug court program currently used in Circuit Court.• Work with teachers, principals, and parents in Juvenile Court to end patterns of delinquent behavior of some students occurring in the schools which disrupt the education of others and often lead to criminal conduct as an adult.• Utilize all resources of information available in Juvenile Court, including foster parents, teachers, and other persons in direct contact with the children, so the court can fully address the concerns and needs of children in state custody.Brock, a veteran of the U.S. Air Force, worked her way through school before coming to Warren County as an assistant district attorney.