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Jail needs X-ray
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Sheriff Tommy Myers says the jail is in desperate need of an X-ray machine.

At the county’s Safety and Beer Board Committee meeting, Sheriff Myers gave his monthly report and mentioned the jail is in need of a walk-thru X-ray machine. 

He brought this to the committee’s attention because many inmates have hidden things in their body cavities and the X-ray will help them find the contraband quicker.

“You know that could save lives,” said Myers. “We’ve had many inmates, they bring it in their body cavity and we’ve had OD’s. We’ve actually had inmates die in our jail. That would solve a lot of problems.”

Myers told the committee about an instance where they had to watch an inmate for multiple days until he finally gave in.

“A few months back, an inmate that came in, we knew he had it with him or on him and our employees, no one understands, they have to watch that inmate 24/7. You can’t take your eyes off him. Someone has to be sitting with him in a dry cell the whole time and it usually takes three of four days before they will finally give it up,” said Myers.

The X-ray machine would have confirmed the suspicions upon entrance, but since the jail currently does not have one, the employees had to keep watch and wait it out. 

“He finally gave it up. It was heroin laced with fentanyl is what is was. Our employees go through all that and I don’t want to bash anybody, but someone dismissed that case. We charged him with introduction of drugs into the jail and it got dismissed,” said Myers.

“That X-ray machine is about $150,000?” asked Commissioner Gary Prater.

“All the companies I have checked they are all consistently about $150,000,” answered Myers.

Commissioner Christy Ross asked if there were any grants that could cover the cost of an X-ray machine for the jail. Safety Committee chair Ron Lee suggested the federal government stimulus money but is unsure if it would qualify. Prater said it should.

There are not any solid plans to purchase and X-ray machine at this time.