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Jaco charged with nearly running over deputy
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A woman who nearly ran over deputies and then tried to escape from the patrol car after being arrested faces felony charges, including attempted escape.The woman, Amanda Latrail Jaco, faces multiple counts including attempted escape and aggravated assault for the incidents that occurred outside her Viola Road home after deputies were called there to conduct a check on her welfare at the request of her family.According to deputy Paul Rudicel, things soon began escalating as lawmen were there talking to Jaco.“She was becoming increasingly aggressive and confrontational,” Rudicel said in his arrest warrant against Jaco. “She was told to calm down several times but she refused.”Rudicel said he then informed her she would be arrested if she did not calm down, noting her children were witnessing her tantrum.“The children were scared and extremely upset because of their mother’s behavior,” Rudicel said, noting Jaco then threatened to take her own life and slapped her own face three times.The woman was then able to get into her car and threw it into reverse, just missing the deputy.“She would have hit me if I had not moved out of the way,” Rudicel noted, pointing out Jaco then got out of her car, only to punch her hand through a glass garage door.Jaco was placed into custody following the incident and placed into the back of a patrol car. However, the woman was able to get out of the vehicle and run a short distance before being returned into custody accounting for her attempted escape charge.