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Irving College Honor Rolls
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Irving College principal Mike Mansfield is announcing the school’s honor rolls for the second quarter:

First Honor Roll -
All A’s
Fourth Grade - Alex Castaneda, Madison Christian, Aly Lewis, Beckham Scott, Espie Gant, Jessica Young
Fifth Grade - Hannah Corley, Trevor Wanamaker
Sixth Grade - Isaac Roberts, Jensen Smith
Seventh Grade - Chelsey Clendenon, Emily Fults, Sarah Keener, Hannah Lee, Destiny Wanamaker, Amy Williamson
Eighth Grade - Eduardon Contreras, Curtis Grissom,Gwyneth Simpson, Jalen Smith
Second Honor Roll – All A’s and B’s
Fourth Grade - Elijah Alexander, Colton Fults, Hunter Fults, Wendy Garcia, Mia Hobbs, Orive’ Garcia, Tallie Moody, KeyLe Rhea, Wesley Sherrell, Paten Walker, Tanner Wanamaker
Fifth Grade - Kade Anderson, Braelee Curtis, Bren Curtis, Esmeralda Flores, Ashlynn Fults, Tyler Heathcock
Sixth Grade - Ella Bond, Carson Campbell, Kyle Clendenon, Logan Dunn, Victor Garcia, DeRae Kight, Kaden Priest
Seventh Grade - Kenley Cathcart, Makinlee Curtis, Jillian Frankman, Natalie Green, Emilya Hobbs, Frances Hughes, Kayda Pinegar, Karissa Smartt,
Eighth Grade - Cameron Fults, Ricardo Gomez, Kaylee Patterson, Caylie Sherrell, Anna Wanamaker