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If Haley wins, new alderman would be appointed
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With the announced candidacy of Alderman Jimmy Haley for McMinnville mayor, a contingency plan has been set should the alderman unseat the incumbent mayor.While qualifying petitions will not even be available until May 18 for any of the city’s alderman seats or the mayor’s office, Haley has said he will try to defeat multiple-term mayor Norman Rone during the city elections in November. Dr. Rone has announced he intends to seek re-election.Neither Haley nor Rone have ever lost a city election, with Rone’s only political defeat coming more than 20 years ago when he lost the Democratic primary for state representative to Charles Curtiss, who still holds the state office.At issue should Hale win would be his alderman spot. His seat, which is a four-year term, is not set to come up for election for another two years.