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Holocaust liberator to speak on WCPI 91.3
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World War II combat veteran and Holocaust liberator Jimmy Gentry and Danielle Kahane-Kaminsky, executive director of the Tennessee Holocaust Commission, will be interview guests on the weekly Focus program on non-commercial public radio WCPI 91.3. The extended interview on Focus will air this Tuesday, Nov. 25, at 5 p.m.; Wednesday at 5:05 a.m.; Thursday at 1 p.m.; and Friday at 1:05 a.m.Mr. Gentry, retired football coach and biology instructor at Brentwood Academy, was in the first wave of American infantry troops to enter the Nazi’s Dachau Concentration Camp and start the liberation of the survivors on April 29, 1945. In the 35-minute Focus session, Gentry recalls some of his narrow escapes from deadly gunfire with enemy defenders in the Allied assault on Wurzburg, and later his interactions with the starving, but extremely grateful, survivors at Dachau near Munich in southernmost Germany. He also talks about the fate of the death camp guards who didn’t manage to flee with their officers.