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Hillis released after cutting himself in jail
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An inmate was released on time served after he slashed himself inside his cell while a prisoner at Warren County Jail.
The inmate, Jacob Lee Hills, 23, was issued an 11-month, 29-day sentence by Circuit Court Judge Bart Stanley but released on time served on the charge of contraband in a penal facility and vandalism.
He was charged after jailers were alerted to a disturbance in Cellblock A. They were directed to Hill’s cell.
“He was lying on the floor in his cell with a large open and bleeding cut to his lower arm,” said corrections officer Johnathon Walter Green. “Nearby was a 12-inch fabricated shank-style knife with blood on the blade.”
After providing aid to the bleeding inmate, officers searched the cell and found a broken metal broom handle hidden under his bunk. They also found something else.
“Also under the bunk was a metal light frame that had been pulled from the ceiling,” Green said.
Hill’s injuries were treated and he was returned to face the warrants for his actions. The light was valued at $412 and the broom at $6. It was not revealed what prompted Hill to cut his arm.
Hill must make $412 restitution for tearing up the light in his cell.